Neptune Trine Pluto

Neptune Trine Pluto Natal

No one currently alive has a Neptune trine Pluto aspect, and no one will have this configuration natally until about 2087.

Neptune Trine Pluto Transit

Thanks to Neptune trine Pluto, you're better able to draw people who "get you"—folks who can likely help you realize your dreams and appreciate your own kind of weirdness. Such connections are probably an ego-boost, since this transit generally occurs just near the cusp of thirty years old. Then, you’re perhaps looking for people whom you can cheer on and who will reciprocate. With such others, you might generate loads of insights and ideas. Many of those suggestions will possibly end up going nowhere. And you shouldn't take every great-sounding opportunity or profound perspective too seriously. Given that this transit will last (off and on) for months, you'll get better at discerning which conversations or intentions merit more discussion, and which are merely placeholders for other pathways ahead. Yet, a few discussions and thoughts might stay with you for the rest of your life. You'll know those by how insistent they are in your mind. At times, they will border on obsessions. Nurture those gently.

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