Neptune Square Midheaven

Neptune Square Midheaven Natal

Others, particularly those in authority, might have a difficult time pegging you, with Neptune square Midheaven. You also perhaps resist being pegged, preferring to see yourself in more undefinable or mysterious terms. For instance, if you have many creative talents, you avoid introducing yourself in any strict way, like “web designer” or “graphic artist.” Many will likely say your resistance is delusional, unwarranted, and immature. You also could become confused as you strive to make inroads with a career or work. It is probably true that you can't become everything or walk along all the career paths you'd like. But you also don't have to fit all dimensions of yourself into one rigidly defined box. You must add your own imagination and vision to any job or vocational endeavor. A vision inspires you, but it's not enough just for you to know what it is. You must be willing to convince and share your vision with others. If you're not willing to take that risk, then you're inclined to always face resistance as you reach upward and out in the world.

Neptune Square Midheaven Transit

With Neptune square Midheaven, this can be a very disorienting time, especially with your work and career. Perhaps you're foggy and unclear about which direction to take with your long-term objectives. Or you come off to others as elusive and unclear with your own career trajectory and plans. Both manifestations could be true enough that you want to crawl underneath a rock and disappear. It's easy to feel so overwhelmed by everyone's demands for you that you have no sense of what you want for yourself. This might prompt you to feel victimized and extra-sensitive to any requests made of you. Be careful of assuming a quiet savior complex, taking on the woes of others for the sake of a greater cause. Boundaries and clear communication become crucial now. Since so much can become blurry, set firmer deadlines for yourself. Likewise, ask directly for what you want, instead of manipulating covertly. Otherwise, you’ll create too many chances to mix together your own confusions, hesitancies, and fears—and then project them onto clients, co-workers, or higher-ups.

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