Neptune Conjunct Mercury

Neptune Conjunct Mercury Natal

With Neptune conjunct Mercury, lines between fact and fiction, reality, and revelation often blur for you. As a child, this penchant can be a creative and protective cocoon for you. It's likely you saw things in consensual reality that you wish you could unsee or had never seen. So, you have an incredible gift for painting an alternate picture of the world. At one extreme, this can incline you toward lying or embellishing facts enough that they favor the story you want to tell. Perhaps, at first, you don't do this with any malintent. You think you're telling the tale that sounds better, or what someone wants to hear. If this practice continues, though, it's likely for wholly selfish and even deceptive reasons. But one other extreme manifestation is that you have an ability to tap into "other realms." That's good for psychic work or creative expression, like composing music or writing works of fiction.

Neptune Conjunct Mercury Transit

The Neptune conjunct Mercury transit is the epitome of "absent-minded." You're prone to losing your mind in a thicket of thoughts, imaginings, and perceptions. Some of what you experience while lost in another realm can be useful in consensual reality. For instance, if you have work that requires you to inspire and incite the imaginations of other people, whether for creative or persuasive purposes, this is quite a powerful transit indeed. In an invigorating way, you can transport others into a vision of themselves and their current world. But if you're striving to make it through one day at a time, then the humdrum of details and consistent drudgery will instead prompt you to seek deliverance to anywhere but where you are. Then it's easy to lose sight of simple and common aspects of your life, like your keys, passwords, sense of time, or anything else that most mature people must manage daily.

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