Neptune Sextile Jupiter

Neptune Sextile Jupiter Natal

When Neptune is sextile Jupiter, you are perhaps on a constant quest for more knowledge and understanding of life's mysteries. Yet, you're not necessarily content just to set out on your own for a grander, loftier sense of purpose and meaning. You're often eager and willing to congregate with others to discuss how to serve an idea and cultivate your collective imaginings, impressions, or dreams. It doesn't matter if your joint purposes are mystical, charitable, or ideological. But as excited as you are to exchange with others, you can disappear when your own interest in a subject wanes. In due time, you can quickly outgrow or become bored with people and ideas. Then you're off to something else that allows you to feel closer to discovering a grander truth and meaning. This faith can become misplaced if you come to believe that your majestic quest makes you more special than other people. You might take foolish risks based on this overestimation of yourself, rather than humbly honoring the lofty nature of your search.

Neptune Sextile Jupiter Transit

Thanks to Neptune sextile Jupiter, you're drawn to people who are mutually fascinated by intriguing issues and problems which challenge your society. And you relish the opportunity to collaborate and discuss options with them. You're more speculative and philosophical than you are practical now. In fact, the more high-minded and “dreamer” the purpose and goal, the better. You enjoy the hive buzz of addressing an issue. But all buzz is not taking care of business, so be sure not to confuse a lot of talk for action. Instead, this transit is superb for jointly exploring and envisioning possibilities. Don't give up too much of your time and energy to a decisive plan yet. It's wholly possible that you're still missing key elements in the planning. This also goes for other elements of your personal life. Be mindful of how you conceive of your "luck." Stick to consistent and clear measures of progress. Believing is not the same as achieving.

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