Neptune Square Sun

Neptune Square Sun Natal

With Neptune square sun in your natal chart, you live to enchant and experience an enchanted world. For you, perhaps life has all the magic of walking through a stained-glass cathedral as a choir sings Gregorian chants and an organ drones in the background with incense wafting through the air. There's an added touch of drama and glamor to whatever you touch. But when you don't find that charm, or someone doesn't seem enthralled by your spellbound manner, then you're profoundly disappointed. Your sense of self and rapture evaporate. That's when you can easily fall prey to artificial means of trying to get the wizardry back, either by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, lounging in the ecstasies of sex, or casting your mind into the mold of a video game or cinematic experience. Yet, the real gift of this birth placement is your ability to infuse your essence into what you believe—not so much who or what believes in you. The inspiration doesn't only have to be “out there” for you to discover.

Neptune Square Sun Transit

Thanks to Neptune square sun, you, and your experience of the world, seem hazy now. Perhaps you’ve lost some sense of who you are or what you want from life. In fact, you could absorb too much of the aspirations and ideas of those around you, losing clarity on what you truly desire. Yet, there's an amazing opportunity during this moment—if it's not squandered in aimless wandering, or shaming yourself for losing your self-confidence. You now have a chance to connect to what truly inspires you, not just what exists on the outside as a laudable goal. It's not so much about what others say is suitable for you as a career path or way of being, but what you know and feel works for you. At first, your disenchantment and the dissolution of any certainty you once knew might seem like a curse. But it's a blessing, once you rediscover ways to enchant the world from within.

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