Neptune opposite Ascendant

Neptune Opposite Ascendant Natal

Thanks to Neptune opposite Ascendant, you could easily end up playing various rounds of "Save or Be Saved" throughout your life. "Save" is when you likely tap yourself, or are tapped, to be in the role of saving others. That's different from helping, because you will often go way beyond the extra mile to support someone. You will negate some of your own aspirations and needs to do everything to keep someone else from sinking. "Be Saved" is when you're the one who needs rescuing, and you neutralize your own sense of power to depend on someone else. What's a common thread between both aspects is a pattern of self-negation. You must learn to affirm your needs and desires and not defer them onto another. Genuine service is when you do what's within your power to do, and no more. You maintain boundaries and integrity for what preserves your own and someone else's autonomy. Compassion allows you to feel for the person, but not become them.

Neptune Opposite Ascendant Transit

You're prone to believing that you either have more power to help others, or less power to help yourself. This is particularly true for intimate relationships and connections. When you overestimate your reach and influence, you'll end up playing a martyr, somehow thinking you're more like a superhero. Instead, you're probably enabling someone whom you could only help so much anyhow. Yet, perhaps you keep giving and doing more for a lost cause, to redeem the time you've invested or assuage your own guilt and powerlessness. Another possibility is that you insist on leaning on someone who initially helps you through this difficult time, because you're scared and indeed helpless. Except, you end up leaning too heavily on the person and not trusting your own gifts and resources. Ultimately, the key lesson of this transit is how to trust yourself again and maintain your own boundaries and integrity.

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