Neptune opposite Saturn

Neptune Opposite Saturn Natal

Even at an early age, you're likely acutely attuned to understanding that there's not much in life that's permanent. With Neptune opposite Saturn, perhaps a relationship or some other solid foundation in your life washes away, and so you learn never to set your hopes too high about anything. You press on, though, because you can't quite commit to the idea that you should have faith in something. You sense that there's another dimension to how the world works that's sublime and transcendent, even though it's fleeting too. As you mature and tap more into that other plane—whether from taking mind-altering drugs, viewing an exquisite piece of art, hearing music, or witnessing a miracle—you’ll likely discover it’s easier to match your melancholy with creative magic. You won't believe that you can and should only appreciate the wonders of this world. You'll know that what appears and disappears in this world also comes and goes from the other world of our spirits, dreams, and imaginations.

Neptune Opposite Saturn Transit

It might be hard to keep "the dream" alive—any dream. Obstacles, posing as the voices of reason/authority/experience, seem to block you at every turn. These voices might inspire you to doubt yourself. Yet, Neptune opposite Saturn has its own gifts. Fearfulness can lead to faithfulness and clarity, once you've explored the limits of something rather than prematurely assuming you know what they are. It's only once you know your limits that you can begin the work of transcending them. That's the true power of this transit. To tune into your visions deeply, and use stark reality as a guide for shaping what stirs in your heart that’s not yet fully shaped. It's too easy to give credence to what others call consensual reality over your own. The harder work is to tap into your own intuition and take what's useful from what others say to mold what you desire on your own terms.

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