Neptune Sextile Midheaven

Neptune Sextile Midheaven Natal

Thanks to Neptune sextile Midheaven in your chart, you learn early that life isn't always going to make sense. But it is understandable. Others likely won't understand how you travel your course in life. You also might not always be able to explain it suitably to them—or even to yourself. But whether it proves right, wrong, or sensible, you often intuit a path that seems best for you. You have a certain reverence for the spiritual, idealistic, or purely ideological, even if you're not inclined toward any orthodox beliefs in religion or tradition. In fact, at times, what might be most unnerving to you or others is how much you seem to stew in your own reveries, imaginings, or enchanted states of mind to perceive the world and how you want to function in it. This likely means that carving out your own career path is more about what inspires you than what is solely practical.

Neptune Sextile Midheaven Transit

You're looking for more inspiration for how to steer forward in your career and life, with the Neptune sextile Midheaven transit. This might prompt you to withdraw from your current habits and routines, and connect with people who have a greater alignment with your shifting and still-vague interests. You must be careful here, because there is the possibility that you might detach from too much in your life to settle on prospects that are unclear and unrealistic. So, for example, instead of quitting your job to retreat into a monastery, make it a weekend trip. Think of yourself as easing into a lifestyle change that requires greater meaning and spiritual significance. Whether psychic or emotional, your growing sensitivities are real. But what might be premature is a sustained rigor and visible opportunities to live up to the potential you dream and intuit is possible. You're likely not ready, but now is a good time to better envision the shift.

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