Neptune Trine Venus

Neptune Trine Venus Natal

With a Neptune trine Venus aspect, you can be led by high-minded ideals and principles in relationships. Or, you can habitually make people and objects into idols, pouring out your devotion at the risk of disappointment and deception. If, on the other hand, you're more whisked along by inspiration and genuine affection, you can likely meet people where they are. You see their faults clearly, but are committed to what's good in them and in you. You have a compassion that's rooted in profound understanding, rather than a desperate need for escape or self-avoidance. You are probably confident enough to look for beauty in any ugly circumstance. Yet, you may be looking for a relationship to "complete you," or the glamor of beauty and perfect aesthetics. Then, you're more inclined to draw on being with the right people and situations to shelter you from your own low self-esteem. When your partner or crew's notions of beauty change or exclude you, you might be in for a rude awakening.

Neptune Trine Venus Transit

Thanks to Neptune trine Venus, you perhaps become more sensitive to and appreciative of art and relationships. At best, you develop greater compassion and understanding for those around you, whether familiar or unfamiliar. But what undergirds this growth isn't only a matter of how you feel. Just the opposite: You're more governed by ideals and principles that inspire you to be more receptive and gracious. Yet, you may simply make your emotions and pleasure the primary source for how you experience love and connection now. If so, you run the risk of putting someone or a group of people on a pedestal, from which they can only fall. You’re likely doing this because you have a strong need to experience your devotion in a more transcendent and inspirational way. To stroke your ego, you need it to be over-the-top glamorous. But the real glory of your ability to love is in its generosity. You want to share the best part of yourself, with no other expectation.

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