Neptune Conjunct Midheaven

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Natal

With Neptune conjunct Midheaven in your natal chart, you might take some time to figure out your life direction. You have an inclination and belief that you can be anything. That's probably encouraging, but you also might try to be everything. For instance, one day you're struck with the idea of writing a screenplay. Next, you're a screenwriter…until you decide to be something else. This can be frustrating for you and others when you're younger. But this penchant conveys a profound ability and talent. You can, indeed, be many things to many people. You have a great capacity to inspire and incite visions in people—whether that's through spiritual work, creative arts, the healing professions, or marketing. Your career becomes less about what you call yourself, and more about what you do. For example, you can write a screenplay without becoming a screenwriter. Or use those same talents in another arena, like writing sales copy. Choose work that allows you to be flexible with how you transmit inspiration and imagination for healing and helping.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Thanks to Neptune conjunct Midheaven, you perhaps feel drawn to dream an "impossible" dream for your life. This might prompt you to be disappointed and disillusioned with your former career aspirations and visions for yourself. So, you might set off to do something that inspires you and diverges from anything you've wanted to do before. It's best to proceed with caution toward your newly-minted dream. Not so much because your dream is truly impossible, but because you will need to know if you're only looking for more inspiration and can work with your previous life goals after all. Or, whether a newer dream of yours seems implausible, but could actually be realized with diligent effort and patience. Avoid dissolving your life and career just because you want to feel better about yourself. Instead, reevaluate your life based less on feelings and more on the honest need to give the world the best possible version of yourself. You'll feel better because you will be shaping yourself into someone who's broken through their delusions and fears.

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