Neptune Conjunct Mars

Neptune Conjunct Mars Natal

Thanks to Neptune conjunct Mars, you will fight for your dreams, beliefs, and ideals. With clarity and conviction, you seek to penetrate what's murky around you. You're driven to impact the world around you to alleviate suffering. So, the best expression of this aspect is rolling up your sleeves and cuffs to do what must be done to ease the pain. But your rush to battle for what you see as right can blind you. In your pursuit to help and do for others, you might not recognize others’ boundaries and autonomy. Likewise, you can lose sight of your own vulnerability. When that happens, your body expends so much energy to process what's happening in your environment (whether of your own initiative or not) that your defenses wear down. This could manifest as difficult-to-diagnose illnesses and issues. Pushing too hard to assert your will must be matched with sincerity of true openness.

Neptune Conjunct Mars Transit

With a Neptune conjunct Mars transit, your heart and soul are likely aflame with principled ideals and beliefs, which you strive to put into action. You're inclined to wade into people's troubled waters to save them however you can. You seek to penetrate deep into the world, and for it to seep deeply into you. Yet, you can easily lose sight of how hard you're pushing your ideals and sense of mission onto others. The fire that burns in your heart can either be a torch of inspiration for others or burn them with your zeal. Likewise, if you stoke your passions too much now, your own defenses can become compromised. This could manifest as a weakened immune system from a lack of containment on your part. You need limits, though you don't want to deal with any. Neptune's loftiness is more to be used as an inner fire of purification than taken into the outside world to make everything right. That will probably only exhaust you.

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