Neptune Sextile Uranus

Neptune Sextile Uranus Natal

Being a part of only one generation, born in the mid-to-late 1960s, has this configuration natally as of 2019. The next "crop" of Neptune sextile Uranus won't arrive until the mid-2020s. One key feature of those currently with this natal aspect is that they were born at a time when the world was essentially reprogramming itself on societal, cultural, and technological levels. Many advances in computing and data management came at this time and presaged how applications and programs would become influential in all dimensions of our lives. Similarly, many marginalized groups—like African Americans, women, gays, and others from around the world—endeavored to change how they were viewed and addressed in their respective societies. You likely have internalized these waves of change. You remain attentive to how you must deprogram your mind, and how governments or other larger entities still strive to condition your life and mind in a certain way.

Neptune Sextile Uranus Transit

When Neptune is sextile Uranus, you're likely very sensitive to how technology, ideology, or idealism manipulates you or compromises your sense of autonomy and freedom. Of course, it's equally possible that some form of technology or belief system helps you feel more powerful and independent. It all depends on your personal narrative for which path leads to emancipation or manipulation. If you enjoy good health and reasonable access and control of your financial means, then it's easy to see many aspects of pop culture as clouding the bright skies of your liberty. And you likely wouldn't be wrong. Yet, what will bridge the gap between paranoia and empowerment is learning more about what's happening—rather than what you fear or what someone else fears. Ignorance feeds fear. On the other hand, if you're struggling with your health or means, then exposure to a new innovation or mindset might be a godsend and revelation for you.

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