Neptune Conjunct Sun

Neptune Conjunct Sun Natal

You can either feel like you're everything or nothing in particular. Most often, you're attuned to some otherworldly frequency that you experience on a regular basis. This perhaps correlates to the sense that you're divinely commissioned for some special work that allows you to be a hero or even a savior for others. Yet, you're most often seeking to save and know yourself. Possibly your feelings stem from childhood when you felt that aspects of your life were hidden or veiled. For instance, a father figure or key parent seemed elusive or missing. So, you can spend a good portion of your life striving to pierce the veil and bring everything to light. But this fantasy life could lead you to miss out on your remarkable gifts for perceiving mysteries and providing genuine inspiration. You don't need to be everything, or fear oblivion as nothing. Just let the light shine through the prism of your soul.

Neptune Conjunct Sun Transit

The world suddenly seems to have a hazy glow and softness to it. At your best, you appreciate this as a time to be sensitive to much of the world's beauty and suffering. You're perhaps inspired to capture its loveliness in art, photography, film, or some other form of creative expression. Likewise, you seek to alleviate whatever pain you encounter, and you might frequently be moved to tears or strong emotions from what you feel around you. But at its worst, this transit can allow you to filter in only what you want to see—especially if it makes you seem either heroic or inconsequential. You may want to be everything for somebody in a self-aggrandizing way. Or, you want to drown out your own woes and the world's in the blissful nothingness afforded to you by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, vegging out on movies and TV, or dreaming your life away in sleep.

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