Neptune Conjunct Jupiter

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter Natal

With Neptune conjunct Jupiter, you fundamentally believe in the power of dreams, especially your own. Some dreams are more powerful and reachable than others. This perhaps won't be readily apparent to you when younger. Everything will seem possible to you—and in turn, you can be very gullible and trusting. As you mature, you either retreat more into a world of grander, more mystical visions, or learn to weave stories that blur the line between fact and fiction. In creative fields, this is likely fantastic and can prove favorable to you. As a mystic, this is also a compelling aspect. You have a striking faith in how life can unveil itself, showing that we're more connected than we care to recognize or appreciate. This also marks you as a very compassionate person. Yet, if you become cynical and more materialistic, you can sell implausible realities merely to satisfy your own needs.

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter Transit

You likely feel deeply in touch with your dreams and visions when Neptune is conjunct Jupiter. If you're into visualization, especially through activities like creating vision boards or storyboards, then you'll experience powerful clarity in what you see with your inner eye. You're also bound to be more compassionate and connected to diverse people and creatures, seeking to understand and connect better to what you can. You will donate time, energy, or money to whomever or whatever stirs your heart. But it would be a bad idea to add mind-altering substances, like drugs or alcohol, indiscriminately into the mix. It would be hard to figure out what’s a genuine experience of your soul and what's completely delusional, especially at the risk of excess. You will need your senses to be alert, not only to properly receive what your inner sight reveals, but also to retain and act on what you behold.

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