Neptune Sextile Moon

Neptune Sextile Moon Natal

As if the whole of life is a glistening water stream coursing around and through you, you’re greatly moved and inspired by much of what happens around you. During Neptune sextile moon, this suggests that you're highly sensitive—emotionally, psychically, and spiritually. It’s sometimes hard for you to separate what you imagine from what feels real. Similarly, you can allow your emotions to goad you toward wild imaginings that make beloved figures in your life out to be more glamorous and glorious than they are. Putting folks on high pedestals makes it that much easier for them to fall and disappoint you. You, in turn, might also struggle with knowing your own feelings. Talking with others will often be the way that you gain clarity. You perhaps also enjoy speaking with others about your mystical and spiritual experiences. These are hard to explain to people who aren't as impacted by the subtlety of life as you are.

Neptune Sextile Moon Transit

With Neptune sextile the moon, you might have the feel of your favorite movie, replete with a sentimental soundtrack (if you listen to music regularly) and an array of intriguing characters. You're inclined to take more in, and want to share the mystique and magic of the moment in some way. Perhaps you want to share more interesting photo snaps of people or creatures who touch your heart. Or you desire to speak with people who share a similar sensitivity or interest in spiritual, mystical, or mind-altering substances. You clearly see that the world is somehow subtly different, more wondrous, and even weirder than it previously seemed. Sometimes this can be overwhelming. That's why sharing and talking about what you're experiencing, whether spectacularly gorgeous or grotesque, can relieve any brewing tensions and fears in your heart. Otherwise, you can become so caught up in your own picture show that it transports you farther away from a consensual reality.

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