Neptune opposite Mercury

Neptune Opposite Mercury Natal

Perhaps you have a difficult time lining up your understanding of reality with how others experience it, all thanks to Neptune opposite Mercury. This doesn't automatically mean you're wrong, although this might be the message you first hear early on. You're perhaps pressed to adjust how you think and communicate to mesh with others. This could lead to physiological and psychological issues that are hard to pin down, like distorted speech patterns. Yet, an inner pendulum could swing you toward complete self-absorption, allowing you to believe that others should adjust to how you see things and that their view of reality is limited and wrong. But what will allow you to feel more like yourself, and make room for participating effectively in consensual reality, is patience and perseverance. Despite attempts to silence you, you must persevere to honor your unique vision and intuitive insights. Then, be patient enough to shape and hone what you must communicate from the positive and negative feedback you receive.

Neptune Opposite Mercury Transit

Neptune opposite Mercury might make you feel as if you've been transported into a land of confusion and bizarre misunderstandings. The natural, immediate response is that these miscommunications are the other person's fault. This is likely not consistently true. It will be important to look closely at how you're trying to shield some sensitive aspect of yourself. It's all too easy to cast the worst onto somebody else. Yet, it's equally possible to project the best onto others, believing they're more honorable, knowledgeable, and honest than they are. So, with this transit, you can either absolve yourself of all blame when communication goes awry. Or you can diminish your own intuition and intellect to defer to others who are deceitful or confused themselves. The better point of view is to peer deeper, without any strong need at first to assign blame, praise, or trust to anyone. Your chief priority is clarity—whether you arrive at that through reason, an intuitive flash, a combination of both, or talking it through with an impartial friend or colleague.

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