Neptune Square Venus

Neptune Square Venus Natal

If you have Neptune square Venus, you probably find it hard to be clear or consistent with your romantic intentions. Or if you are clear, then perhaps you frequently land up in fuzzy situations where the intentions and interests of others are vague or deceitful. For instance, you might unwittingly become involved with someone who is physically or emotionally unavailable because they're in another relationship or wholly committed to their work. Regardless, loving and knowing you isn't the focus. You also might have lavish tastes in fashion and style, since that allows you to feel like you're living a glamorous life. Ultimately, though, there's a difference between being glamorous and delusional. One key way to make a distinction is to examine regularly what you're receiving in any relationship or transaction. If things only look good for you, rather than feeling good, then you're losing out to delusion. Living the life you want or getting the love you deserve will truly be glamorous.

Neptune Square Venus Transit

Thanks to Neptune square Venus, you want to experience the glamor of love. If you're in an existing relationship, then you'll likely have a better experience, adding more imagination and fantasy into your love life. But it's equally possible that you or your partner tap into an alternative and secret romantic life with someone else. Of course, it's probably not wise to accuse your partner of having an affair, even if you have every "logical" reason to suspect that's possible. The key issue isn't whether or not you can trust your partner. It's tracing how you've lost that trust, and whether you want to get it back. If you're single, then you're inclined to bring magic back into your life by seeking a relationship. It's important to remember that you are half of any magic in a relationship. Otherwise, you'll end up expecting and projecting more onto someone else. This leaves you open to disappointment or deception.

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