Neptune Trine Ascendant

Neptune Trine Ascendant Natal

With a Neptune trine Ascendant aspect, life appears to you as the grandest of adventures. There's always more to learn and enjoy, and you likely can't help but feel that the best parts of it are somehow veiled to you. So, you're perhaps in constant pursuit to unmask life's secrets. You might long for lofty-minded teachers who can unlock the mysteries of the cosmos for you. Possibly, you love the idea of uncovering hidden knowledge—or activities, like role-playing or video games, where you can recreate and experience yourself in imaginative, epic ways. Yet, when you can't seem to hook into the glamors of life, you might feel duly oppressed and put-upon by the tedium of ordinary existence and maintenance. Then, you must be careful of wrapping yourself up in your own mystique and love of intrigue to escape your real-world responsibilities. Or worse, confusing your otherworldly experiences and abilities without a solid basis in consensual reality.

Neptune Trine Ascendant Transit

Neptune trine Ascendant likely makes you slide into a dreamy, pleasant groove in which to settle. And you might be willing to do anything not to have it disturbed or disrupted. This doesn't mean that everything in your life is hunky-dory. Life could be sliding toward more of a mess or comfortable maintenance. But perhaps you discover spiritual insight, or even a teacher who gives you a higher perspective on things. Likewise, you might understand more what Shakespeare meant when he wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." Perhaps you can experience yourself as a character in an epic play. This allows you to have pleasure, even joy, in how you live out your life. Of course, several spiritual traditions affirm this perspective. But it's equally possible that you can fail to take some life issues as seriously as you should. Likewise, you might romanticize yourself, your abilities, and the characters of others. You may gloss over glaring faults and issues that others can see, or that you yourself would otherwise have noticed.

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