Neptune Square Mercury

Neptune Square Mercury Natal

With Neptune square Mercury, you relish the magic in words, and love to play with them. Although there are times when they seem to play with you, too. This was likely truer when you were younger. Perhaps your mind seemed wired differently from others, and you experienced confusion with what others thought to be simple tasks and problems. Initially, you might have come to think less of yourself for seeing things differently. But possibly, over time, you realized that your imaginative, intuitive, and even poetic way of describing things has its own lure—especially when it comes to literature or marketing. Words came tolose their sting, and you learned from the disconnects you experienced how to be a better connector. Of course, you must wield your wonders responsibly. Otherwise, chaos and bewilderment can ensue for others. If you fall short of lofty ambitions, it's even possible that you deceive others for your own selfish purposes and gains.

Neptune Square Mercury Transit

During a Neptune square Mercury transit, you may have wondrous power that can either help or hurt you. Generally, the more straightforward and rigid any communication must be, the greater the chances that there can be some kind of miscommunication or outright deception. It's hard for you to "color" within the lines, since you see so much that blends together. If you must keep deadlines, then give yourself plenty of wiggle room. You can easily lose track of time or other essentials for routine, daily life. Yet, if you have space to be creative and imaginative, then you might surprise yourself with how you make connections and the sharpness of your intuition. In other words, you'd do a better job detailing the vision and spirit of a grant proposal than defining its budget. Likewise, you're prone to powerful visions, either from waking or sleeping dreams. You might be tempted to act on some of what you perceive, but perhaps talk out those plans with dear friends before committing to them.

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