Neptune Square Saturn

Neptune Square Saturn Natal

Thanks to your Neptune square Saturn natal aspect, somehow, you have always sensed another world beneath the one everyone seems to accept as reality. For you, it's likely been just as real, whether it's appeared to you in your dreams or from restless imaginings, spontaneous flashes of insight, and psychic perceptions. No matter when or how it appears, you would mostly be content to lose yourself in this other world that you sense. But you're usually forced by circumstances, or even your own doubts, to bring what you sense in the shadowy realms of this other reality into the consensual world you share with others. Some days, you're more successful than others in keeping a balance between the two domains. When you feel you've become too flatfooted in a practical, humdrum manner, then you must draw on the inspiration that lifts you toward loftier states. Conversely, you do the same when you've become too vague and wispy. Yet, as you learn to structure your dreamlike impressions, they will have a lasting and positive impact on your life and the lives of others.

Neptune Square Saturn Transit

It's difficult to hold onto your dreams and delicate visions when perhaps friends, family, foes, or even you are trying to tear you away from them. When Neptune is square Saturn, the worst thing you can do now is lose faith in the power of your inner reality. But just like consensual reality, you must learn and know the true value and nature of what you encounter. Gravity taught you that your body couldn't bound into the air without coming down. You must also create structures and ways for your ideas and aspirations to launch without crashing to the ground. But grounding yourself in the fears and frustrations of others with too much practicality and worldly responsibility will sink your heart instead. Stay hooked to your inspiration, while persistently giving what soars in your heart the wings to fly above the doubts clouding your own (and anyone else's) judgment.

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