Neptune Conjunct Venus

Neptune Conjunct Venus Natal

Regardless of your gender, Neptune conjunct Venus could be considered the "Disney princess" aspect. Like a heroine at the start of a Disney movie or fairy tale, you're in love with the idea of loving and communing with all things and beauty itself—whether it's manifested in art, people, things, romance, or magic. You want to experience a consuming connection with all things, in a way that allows you to feel normal, sane, and safe. Unfortunately, that's likely not your life, especially when you're young. You perhaps endured less than picturesque circumstances. Yet, you'll hold onto the fairy tale, where you can be the soul in distress—or alternately, play the rescuer who will try to fulfill every dream of the rescued. If you strive to be either, you're likely to be disappointed and miss the key gift of this aspect. The love you tap into is all the salvation you need to give or receive.

Neptune Conjunct Venus Transit

During the Neptune-Venus transit, you can easily fall in love with love itself as well as with a person. That's great, if you're angling only for creative expression and art. You're able to bestow a nearly magical, inspired touch to anything you do. But with romance and any new partnerships that begin now, it's best to realize that things are not what they seem. At the most benign level, you're making your relationship into more than what it is at present. Just because you feel like you've known a new lover forever, doesn't mean you truly know them. Get to know more to savor the nit and grit of the object of your affection, rather than what you suppose they are. It’s likely that not everything is on the level. This might be a white lie, like a person saying they’re divorced when they’re really only separated. But full-out deception is another possibility. So it's best to go slow in romance with this transit, as it could be any of these outcomes.

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