Neptune opposite Neptune

Neptune Opposite Neptune Transit

A Neptune opposite Neptune transit happens around the same time as the joint return of Uranus (see Uranus conjunct Uranus) and Jupiter (see Jupiter conjunct Jupiter) in your early 80s. Even in ideal health for your age, you will likely seek to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to attend to more abstract or spiritual matters. You might only want to care for and daydream about the blossoming possibilities in your life, like your grandchildren. Or, if you've not lived the life you wanted, you can become consumed with guilt and regret about what you could have done but didn't. Yet, the most demanding challenge now is forgiving others and yourself. You're truly looking at life from a rearview perspective. You can either soar away from the life you've lived with confusion or mixed feelings. Or you can bless the world in spirit, word, and deed with your compassion, understanding, and unique vision for what life can look like for others.  After all, you've seen more of it than most.