Neptune Sextile Mars

Neptune Sextile Mars Natal

With Neptune sextile Mars, you believe strongly in the lively expression and embodiment of your ideals and visions. You talk often about your dreams, but you're just as willing to risk modestly for their fulfillment. You value championing a cause, whether that's being a top contender in your field or helping those victimized by unjust circumstances. You relish the opportunity to lead and inspire others toward a worthy enough enterprise. When there's a lofty mission with clear objectives, like feeding the homeless or rescuing people or creatures in distress, you can work equally with and for others. Likewise, you're willing to draw spiritual significance and pleasure from martial arts or dutiful exertion of your energy and muscles. Ultimately, life teaches you to appreciate the mind-body-spirit connection more, especially through action. But you must respect that the connection of those elements requires vigilance and moderation. Otherwise, you can easily become thrown off balance—for example, drawing more on the power of spirit at the expense of the body.  

Neptune Sextile Mars Transit

Thanks to Neptune sextile Mars, you likely feel tasked to put your key values, principles, and ideals into practice. This is especially true if doing so allows you to prove your guts, capture some measure of glory, or show that you have a heart of gold. You perhaps dream of showing off what you can do when push comes to shove. And now, in a competitive environment, your bite is nearly as good as your figurative bark. You especially prove more courageous when someone or something violates a cherished value or principle. In fact, it's perhaps easier for you to be an advocate for others than it is to hold firm to your own boundaries. This is likely because you're more attuned and sensitive to a set of given circumstances or the company you keep than any concern about your own needs or self. You're more willing to dissolve your sense of self for a grander sense of mission and accomplishment. Yet, you can only dissipate so much of yourself before you lose yourself.

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