Neptune Sextile Ascendant

Neptune Sextile Ascendant Natal

With Neptune sextile Ascendant, you likely you hold friends and people in your immediate vicinity in high esteem, sometimes bordering on idolizing them. This is probably because you have a deep need to trust that the social fabric of your life is true and strong. You're also willing to do your part, through charitable work and service, to shore up that essential expectation. You strive to inspire and be inspired. But you can also be duly deceived if you place your trust in those less deserving of it. Your need to venerate those dearest to you, like neighbors, friends, or siblings, is a way to indirectly affirm some aspect of yourself. So, you might defer heeding your own inner voice to listen to voices that approximate yours. This perhaps also holds true for well-esteemed spiritual or intellectual figures whom others trust. Abiding and deep faith in your own character and ability to make solid decisions must be the cornerstone of any proper foundation you share and build with others, even those closest to you.

Neptune Sextile Ascendant Transit

Friends, colleagues, neighbors, or siblings have an increased level of influence in your life—even to the point that you can be blind to think they're anything other than blameless. Thanks to Neptune sextile Ascendant, you likely only want to think the best of people, especially those in closest proximity to you. Of course, this perhaps makes you gullible to wily dear ones who weren't worthy of your trust in the first place. Likewise, you are prone to trusting people (like gurus, teachers, or intellectuals) that esteemed folks in your life value. Yet, what's most important to learn during this transit is how to read life's subtle cues and symbolic meanings for yourself. That doesn't mean you lose faith in those dearest to you. Instead, you can better discern how much and with which topics or issues. One other appreciable benefit is that looking at the best in people also predisposes you toward doing your best for them. This might be through charity work or inspiring them.

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