Neptune Conjunct Moon

Neptune Conjunct Moon Natal

In multiple ways, Neptune conjunct moon makes you remarkably sensitive. You're emotionally responsive to what's happening around you. This might be difficult when you’re young and in a hostile or emotionally insensitive environment. You might often cry without clear provocation. Similarly, you're receptive enough to be impacted by other's feelings. You could accurately be described as an empath. This ability can help with the compassionate treatment of others. But because you can easily mistake another's feelings and experiences as your own, you must be careful of what you suddenly feel are your own feelings. You're also prone to feeling the vibes of a place, almost as soon as you walk into it. This possibly leads to strange experiences that border on extrasensory perceptions. Be mindful not to take all your impressions too literally, especially early in life. You must patiently learn to discern and read properly what comes to you in symbolic imagery or feeling.

Neptune Conjunct Moon Transit

Thanks to Neptune conjunct moon, you have increased emotional sensitivity from and will require adjustment. You might suddenly feel so flooded with feelings and perceptions that you're overwhelmed and exhausted by your experiences. When this planetary configuration first hits, it'll likely be hard to know what your true feelings are. Be kind and patient with yourself. Don't rush to make any important decisions, as you're more inclined than usual to have brain fog. It’s probably a good idea to avoid mind-altering drugs and alcohol, which could worsen the mental malaise. In fact, it's wholly possible that you're so entranced by vague feelings and notions, you can easily pull the wool over your own eyes with a desire or goal. Or worse, someone can deceive you, even if they're close to you. It's best to run important changes over with others whom you fundamentally trust—unless the options are so simple and crystal clear that the choices are no-brainers.

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