Neptune Sextile Neptune

Neptune Sextile Neptune Transit

The Neptune sextile Neptune transit likely happens a year or two before your first Saturn return (see Saturn conjunct Saturn). You likely are looking hard at your dreams, ideals, and beliefs and trying to figure out what's imaginary and what's real about them. It's wise, though, not to try to decipher all of this on your own. Speaking with others, either your age or older, will probably give you the sense of perspective you're seeking. All of what you believe and aspire to be true isn't wrong, and all of it isn't right. The problem is more liable to be a question of approach. Perhaps you're clinging too hard to extremes, thinking that life should be one way or another. Or you make a personal issue into more of a societal issue. For example, if you believe ideally that everyone should work independently, then it might be best to conclude that you're really only talking about yourself. Then you can work to realize your vision, rather than thinking it's for the world.