Neptune Square Moon

Neptune Square Moon Natal

With Neptune square moon, you're often stirred to mystical and profound depths of emotion from who and what's around you. You might not only watch a movie, but live the life of the entire film while viewing it. While listening to music, you're transported to other places and states of consciousness. Or possibly, you feel what someone feels as they discuss a highly-charged emotional event. In other words, you live through your experience of life. But you must be careful not to muffle the gale and power of your own emotions and thoughts to savor the impressions you receive. You must learn to give as much as you are impacted. And you have great amounts to give. Your empathy and intuition allow you to have immense compassion, which compels you to take action when others are in need. Yet, be careful that you don't lose yourself in your pursuit of experiencing life with or through another.

Neptune Square Moon Transit

With a Neptune square moon transit, you possibly feel like you blend with everything, or at least want to. Your music playlist seems to rocket you away into another sphere of being. You're not just hearing your friend's passionate words, but feel them strumming on your heart as if it were a harp. Perhaps this feels wonderful, and is a beautiful thing to share and experience with dear friends or family. But if you're not alert, unscrupulous folks can play on your feelings to their favor and to the detriment of your own resources. You must also stay vigilant about the workings of your own mind and heart. So many emotions, moods, and visions can flood your mind at once that you might have trouble keeping a clear grasp on what you sense and know to be true at any given moment. You'll have to learn how to still your mind better for that. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol could add to any confusion, especially if not used in moderation.

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