Neptune opposite Moon

Neptune Opposite Moon Natal

Both in heart and body, with Neptune opposite moon, you're possibly very sensitive. But this doesn't mean you're weak. You're easily impacted and disturbed by who and what is in your immediate environment. Ultimately, you're learning to form sharper and clearer boundaries. But that means you're possibly going to try to care and do too much for others, or others may try to meddle in and muddle your own affairs. You're perhaps inclined to think that the best possible choice is to tune everyone out and stew in your own emotional and imaginative inner life. Or to indulge in mind-altering substances or activities that allow you to check out. Yet, that would be the weaker choice—if only because it won't allow you to build up your inner reserves and emotional wisdom. You don't need to build a wall, only a door with a peephole. Knowing how, when, and with whom to share your sensitivity will lead to wisdom and strength.

Neptune Opposite Moon Transit

It’s likely you feel an increased emotional sensitivity—with Neptune opposite moon. Sometimes, it might border on psychic and empathic. Other times, though, you're possibly overwhelmed with too many feelings and images to make sense of them. Close ones might also encounter you as moodier than usual. However, the solution isn't to seclude yourself consistently from the rest of the world until this transit passes. There's no question that the transit might take a lot out of you, prompting you to seek solace in more sleep, veg out in front of a screen, or imbibe more alcohol or drugs. But you can only check out from the world so much, for so long. Soon enough, you're right back where you started. And this transit isn't usually quick, since it can last off and on throughout a year. The better solution is to recalibrate your sensitivity levels with frequent breaks, so you can recharge. As you get better with that, you'll come to appreciate more of what you feel. You’ll also know when and when not to share those feelings with others.

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