Neptune Sextile Sun

Neptune Sextile Sun Natal

When Neptune is sextile the sun, you likely love to hear, read, and discuss what's mysterious and abstract. Yet, you're also keenly sensitive to what's happening to others around you, and curious and compassionate enough to care and help. You might dabble with substances or practices that are mind-altering. Obviously, drugs can have more challenging effects than meditation. But you're mostly experimental, and probably not committed enough to be in the thrall of something that sets you too far adrift from consensual reality. Perhaps, like an actor in various roles, you’re more intrigued with the glamor and pleasure of playing with various ways of being and seeing the world. You don't take too much seriously for too long. In fact, it’s possible that you change interests whenever you change crowds or associates. You must maintain a clear sense of what truly and steadily fascinates you.

Neptune Sextile Sun Transit

During a Neptune sextile sun transit, you're highly impressionable—and you might enjoy that a lot. You want to meet people and have experiences that help you explore what's mysterious and intriguing to you. You're also very sensitive to others and your environment. Perhaps you’re particularly attentive to those who are suffering or need help, and you act to cheer and support them within means that are comfortable for you. Possibly, you develop an interest in experimenting with mind-altering substances or activities. With drugs, you're prone to being careful, as you're feeling more curious than desperate to escape your life and problems. Yet, if you’re exposed to anything highly addictive, there's still the hazard of slipping into a habit. Meditation, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), creative visualization, or simple positive thinking can be just as mentally stimulating—without any lingering negative effects. It might be a challenge for you to keep up those practices once you start them, though. Your interests can easily shift when you’re around other intriguing people or prospects.

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