Neptune Trine Saturn

Neptune Trine Saturn Natal

You likely can't help but be practical in your approach to what's abstract, metaphysical, or ideological—all thanks to your Neptune trine Saturn natal aspect. You perhaps feel a touch of the divine in a blade of grass. Transcendence for you is more a state of mind in ordinary life than a destination elsewhere. Likewise, dogmas, theories, or revelations are only as interesting or as good as what can be vouched for in practice and experience. You like the idea of self-help, mostly because it ties together big ideas with clear steps on how to move forward and ahead in the world. You also enjoy connecting with others who share your simple, unadorned appreciation for philosophy or spirituality. It might be harder, though, to vibe with those who are more academic and less intuitive in their manner. Likewise, you find it nearly impossible to be locked into a fervid, evangelical mindset. You fundamentally believe that every person has their own disciplined way to encounter whatever could be called truth.

Neptune Trine Saturn Transit

Gracefully and easily, you can brace together the fuzzy world of your dreams with stark reality. Mostly, with the Neptune trine Saturn, you’re better equipped to do this because you've chucked the idea that there is only one, straightforward way to approach problems (or even life in general). You're more focused on what inspires you to lead a simpler, more enjoyable life. You haven't wholly abandoned your ideals. You're just more drawn toward how you can take concrete steps to realize your goals. Not only do you see what's ahead long-term, you likely also have more patience and stamina for what's ahead. It helps that you're more willing to connect with others, especially in charitable organizations that offer direct services and support. You're equally ready to be there, however you can, for friends, colleagues, family, or strangers—especially if they're in dogged pursuit of their own ambitions. You're less able to understand those who labor without inspiration, or who wish with little or no work.

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