Neptune opposite Venus

Neptune Opposite Venus Natal

You might desperately need to believe in a transcendent and unconditional love, thanks to Neptune opposite Venus. Perhaps you want to give it by rescuing someone, like a potential lover, in a challenging situation. Or you often find yourself in need of rescue by another. It's likely you need the coziness of an all-encompassing affection (either from yourself or another) to bridge some gap in your experience of support and attachment that eluded you in your childhood. It's likely to become wider as you get older, if you don't start believing that you are the primary source of your love. It doesn't go away when the sheen of love dulls or a lover fades away. It also doesn't evaporate when love loses its glamor for you, and loving another feels more like a hardship than a happiness. You possibly won't need unconditional love when you can be free of any shame or guilt about who you are and what you want.

Neptune Opposite Venus Transit

Perhaps you long for unconditional love and support, and there never seems to be as much as you'd like or in the way you picture it. That's all thanks to a Neptune opposite Venus transit. It probably doesn't matter whether you're giving or receiving those affections. You can easily overestimate how much you're willing to sacrifice and give in relationships. You'll perhaps do this to fulfill some image of yourself as a vessel of perfect love for another, or a consecrated and compassionate purpose like feeding starving children. You'll likely rise to the challenge, if you give of yourself with no expectation in return. And if you're crystal clear that what you're doing feels good and is equally beneficial for you. But if you expect absolute love or the glamor of honor in return, then you will probably be disappointed. You can also be either underappreciated or deceived. Yet, if you own your love as sufficient enough to give, then the bounty you receive doesn't ever need to come from its recipients. You're perhaps replenished from the source of all love—life, divinity, the cosmos, etc.—either way.

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