Neptune opposite Pluto

Neptune Opposite Pluto Natal

A Neptune opposite Pluto aspect hasn't happened for anyone currently expected to be alive. It won't happen again until the twenty-second century.

Neptune Opposite Pluto Transit

You're likely to see disagreeable and objectionable people and circumstances in a new light. You might say that you're broadening your sense of compassion and understanding. But on another level, you're also seeing that sometimes, the darker and nastier aspects of yourself are the parts that are most powerful. They only lack vision, integrity, and clarity of purpose. For example, fierceness becomes cruelty when it’s unnecessary. Yet, that same mindset can keep loved ones safe when they're threatened. Perhaps you're attempting to navigate around an altercation with “niceness.” This will only postpone what could be inevitable, and even necessary for your growth. Yet, you needn't embrace the worst you can become to use what seems worse in you. Let compassion and clarity be your aims for your passions. First have compassion for yourself, then for those you wish to help or serve, and finally, for the person(s) who stirred your dark monsters awake in the first place.

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