Neptune opposite Sun

Neptune Opposite Sun Natal

You're in a perpetual struggle to behold yourself, not only in the best possible light, but in the clearest and most accurate way. This is likely difficult for you, with Neptune opposite sun. Early in life, you needed both imagination and inspiration to lift yourself beyond circumstances that were hard to understand and even annihilating to your confidence. But in this reconstruction of your sense of self, you might vacillate between feeling like you can connect with everyone and feeling that no one will get you. If you opt for no one being able to understand you, you run the risk of vaulting yourself up above and beyond others. Yet, even the most notable of the world's masters found a way to relate to anyone. On the other hand, connecting with everyone presents you with the challenge of maintaining your integrity and unique identity. You might better see aspects of yourself reflected in others. But you also emanate some of life’s light that makes the sight of all reflections possible, rather than only seeing darkness.

Neptune Opposite Sun Transit

With Neptune opposite sun, you're prone to not seeing yourself clearly, or seeing yourself in a way that matches how others see you. This can manifest as seeing yourself in grander, better terms than you've manifested. It's likely you feel this way because you aspire toward elevating your idealism and spiritual understanding. Yet, it's easy to confuse this aspiration with how you are now. Ultimately, you might have a vision of perfection but be too impatient for its realization. It's also plausible that you mistake that vision for a detailed blueprint, rather than a simple guide to light your path toward improving yourself. It's equally possible that you project your expectations of enlightenment onto others, especially those who seem more "spiritual" or match an ideal for which you strive. But if you've deferred seeing the best (and even the worst) in yourself by looking for that in another, they will disappoint you somehow.

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