Neptune opposite Midheaven

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Natal

With Neptune opposite Midheaven, many of your aspirations and dreams might entail looking for solid footing in life and a place to call home. It's possible that your childhood didn't have enough clarity or boundaries. Perhaps there was a family secret or issue that took forever to come out in the open. Or one or both of your parents were too carried off by their own dreams or delusions to look after you properly. So, some measure of the consensual world and its pressures to achieve and "make something of yourself" never jibed with you. Or it seems too hard to coalesce your own desires and feelings into something that's tangible and clear enough for you. Yet, what you need most is vision and inspiration for improving your situation and those of others. The more you focus on your own misfortune, the harder it might be for you to do something about it. But focus on those in need, or on your own improvement, and you might find that others flock to you.

Neptune Opposite Midheaven Transit

Neptune opposite Midheaven might make you feel like some cosmic rug has been pulled from under your feet. It's hard to feel like you can reach for the stars in your ambitions when you don't feel like you’re on solid footing. So, it's also possible that you lose your inspiration and sense of vision with your career aspirations. Everything might seem to be dissolving, including your confidence. Yet, perhaps the better way to embrace this dissolute period is by embracing the freedom it gives you from worldly preoccupations. The answers aren't all "out there" for us to bring home. In fact, we should start with ourselves and at home first. Many of the mysteries that you're inclined to make into societal issues outside of your control are likely to have their origins in cyclical responses from early in your life. Likewise, your devotion and faith might have been set on shaky ground in the first place—like the belief that once you reached a particular milestone, your problems would evaporate. It's time for firmer foundations.

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