Neptune Sextile Saturn

Neptune Sextile Saturn Natal

You have Neptune sextile Saturn, which means you have a gift for transforming the mundane into the magical, or bringing what's too heady or high-minded down to earth. For instance, perhaps you created very elaborate replicas of fictional places or settings in your childhood. Or, as an adult, you find practical applications and useful examples for classical philosophies and ideas. This naturally leads you to speak with people about the mysteries and wisdom of the past in modern life. Yet, you'll never be merely content with talk. You want to structure and nail down anything that's vague. This is where you might land into trouble. In your dedicated pursuit to bridge divides, you can also forge unsound connections, either with people, ideas, or organizations. You might unintentionally fuse traditions or ideas that aren't compatible, like establishing a non-profit foundation to help people that end up mostly only benefiting its board of directors or employees.

Neptune Sextile Saturn Transit

When Neptune is sextile Saturn, the wisdom of the past proves more of an inspiration for structuring and guiding your life now. Perhaps you do this by discovering fresh insights from established spiritual and philosophical books and seeing their immediate applicability in modern life. You might also have a need for tangible methods and models for accomplishing more in your work or personal development. Fortunately, more people who share similar interests and experiences cross your path, and you can mutually support each other. As you're more in touch with the realistic dimensions of your dreams and aspirations, you can see clearly what you need to winnow out of your life because it doesn't fit. This shouldn't be about how much you can renounce, though. It’s more about what are the simplest ways to manifest what you're seeking to manifest. Similarly, you figure out how to stay on track and not slide into forging connections with people, ideas, or institutions that aren't true, honest, or useful.

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