Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

Neptune Conjunct Ascendant Natal

With Neptune conjunct Ascendant, you might have been born into this world, but with this configuration, some part of you always seems to belong to another world. Perhaps you feel both present in the world...and not. Others might find you hard to figure out or peg. Yet, you seem able to pick up and absorb so much about the people and vibes around you that you're probably overwhelmed sometimes. It'll be important for you to learn ways to stay grounded and present, so you don't confuse and conflate your own feelings and experiences with others’. Similarly, there are also ways that you don't want to be known or understood. You appreciate having some kind of "screen" between yourself and others so that others don't come too close. You might do this by donning personas through creative means, like acting or writing. It's also wholly possible that you will go by a name other than the one given you at birth.

Neptune Conjunct Ascendant Transit

With Neptune conjunct Ascendant as a transit, the world pours in, in a way that seems to dissolve all your previous boundaries and secure ways of knowing who you were. Some measure of this is exhilarating. You can appear to others as completely different from how you've been, donning a new persona and vision of yourself like a costume. Similarly, you might have a renewed appreciation for the spiritual and compassionate dimensions of life. You will likely benefit from a consistent, disciplined way of expressing any reverence and awe you that have for life and for being alive. Yet, another measure of this transit is exhausting: You can feel rootless and boundless. It probably gets worse with mind-altering substances that increase any feelings of merging and melting barriers. Then, you can all too easily surrender much of whom you still are, and can be, to others, and your given circumstances. This opens you up to outright deception, too. The best gift of this transit, though, is envisioning a new sense of yourself—not losing complete focus.

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