Neptune Square Jupiter

Neptune Square Jupiter Natal

When you have Neptune square Jupiter in your natal chart, your beliefs and faith is strong, nearly indomitable. And that's perhaps your greatest strength and weakness. It's a strength because when things get tough, you naturally trust that you'll find a way to rise to the occasion.  You subscribe to the belief that if you can dream it and believe it, then you can achieve it. Likewise, your convictions are strong enough that you have no reservations about sharing them with others. You’re likely to try and get them to see things differently. Your weakness is that, just as passionately as you believe, you can disbelieve and venture toward a new belief. You might end up wasting valuable energy and time attacking and defending ideas and thoughts that will eventually be irrelevant to you. Better to see that life changes you, but the fundamentals of faith in life itself don't have to change.

Neptune Square Jupiter Transit

Thanks to Neptune square Jupiter, you can dare to dream and believe, you're equally prepared to make happen. You're long on inspiration and belief, whether that's to set off for the Himalayas to meet your guru or start your own small business in your hometown. Yet, you're shorter on patience and perseverance. You'll need both to use the visionary power of this transit, to fine-tune what you believe while simultaneously ensuring you're being bold enough with what you envision. It's easy to be too temperate and fearful. To heed everything negative that your dear family, friends, and colleagues might say about your faith in your projects and ideas. Don't take that too much to heart. Their doubt, when matched with your determination, can help you better shape what you're eventually trying to manifest in the world. They're likely helping you prune away where you're trying to do too much and making your own path to manifestation harder.

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