Neptune opposite Jupiter

Neptune Opposite Jupiter Natal

You truly desire to be limitless—and that's all thanks to Neptune opposite Jupiter. So, you genuinely hate it when someone tries to show or tell you what your limits are or should be. You have boundless optimism. You want to have boundless compassion for all of life's creatures, especially those racked with suffering and insufficiency. And you will likely try to live up to all those ideals, until you remember that you are a creature of flesh and blood, with limits. That's probably when you've run your body down into the ground, having opened yourself up to infections and general immunity issues. Living a life of the soul isn't only bound in the expansiveness of spirit. It's not singularly conditioned by all the good you want to do in the world. It's in how you transcend and create miraculous vistas of experience, while walking through narrow corridors of flesh, blood, and social obligation.

Neptune Opposite Jupiter Transit

When Neptune is opposite Jupiter, it’s likely you want your vision and reach to be longer than they are, or can be. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to extend your influence and goals, especially if they can change someone's life for the better. It all depends on how wisely you do it. For instance, if you're involved in a charitable endeavor like fundraising, then you should be clear that your goal is obtainable in the time constraint given. In other words, don’t try to raise a million dollars in a month, when previously you've only raised $1,000 in six months. Similarly, you must watch out for the penchant to avoid stress and opposition from others through mind-altering substances or fantasy preoccupations. Of course, it's okay for you to let off a little steam, but you could also easily overdo things. You're learning limits, but not because someone must tell you what they are. You must use your intuition, reason, and a tad bit of adventurousness to discover what the limits are for yourself (or for anything with which you're involved).

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