Neptune Trine Jupiter

Neptune Trine Jupiter Natal

Thanks to your Neptune trine Jupiter natal aspect, you tend more to focus on the similarities that you have with others than fixate on your differences. That's likely because you have a fundamental belief in harmony, and humanity's ability to work toward a common good. Possibly, this directs you to be very interested in social uplift, and any set of philosophical or spiritual teachings that promotes charity and social service. You probably believe that people perish more from a lack of vision and hope than from purely lacking physical necessities. You strive to be attentive to both. Not only are you very compassionate, you're perhaps also quite intuitive and empathic. But you can be carried away by all your pursuits to improve the quality of your life and those of others. It's equally easy for you to drift into bad habits, like substance abuse, that insulate you in the snugness of good times and wish fulfillment. Or to partner with others who are so homed in on their delusions that you don't let anyone show you you're heading toward a nightmare.

Neptune Trine Jupiter Transit

With a Neptune trine Jupiter transit, there's an easiness here that allows you to perform phenomenal feats of compassion and understanding for yourself and others. Yet, you can also become blind to how too much permissiveness and gentleness can harm. You're inclined to connect with people who, like you, are willing to explore more of their spiritual and humanitarian facets. You want more understanding of all the ways to experience our humanity, and diminish all the ways people are inhuman to each other and the rest of the planet. You're prone to experiencing more insight from dreams, waking visions, and meditations. Your focus is on spreading and enjoying goodwill and cheer, so it's likely hard for you to cope with aggressive or demanding people. In order to keep the peace, you might yield too much to them. Similarly, with an eye on helping someone, you might complicate matters for yourself or them by giving or doing too much.

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