Neptune Trine Moon

Neptune Trine Moon Natal

If you have Neptune trine moon, your intuition and emotional sensitivity are usually high, sharp, and frequently accurate. You're perhaps able to easily imagine and envision things, too.  Ultimately, you strive to bring peace between warring parties. This is likely because you can feel, not just see, how there's pain from either side and you want to provide support for all involved. Both sides will possibly feel heard due to your interventions. But it will frequently be difficult for you to stay objective. You’re probably often the soothing, still waters for family and friends when they're weathering troubling times. You're also reliably sympathetic. Sometimes you might want to do more than lend an ear. But it could prove too disconcerting to be too involved in the stressful affairs of others over an extended period. Usually, you feel too much. Overall, you're easygoing, since abrupt change causes too many ripples in your psyche.

Neptune Trine Moon Transit

Nearly anything can tug at your heartstrings, thanks to a Neptune trine moon transit. But you're more likely to make beautiful music, in word or deed, with anyone or anything that strikes the right chord. Highly sensitive to conflict and serious disruption, you're probably more inclined to tune out the noise than become personally ruffled by the fray. In fact, you're more inclined to see multiple sides of a conflict, and can help all involved to perceive what's going on beneath the surface. Yet, you're less likely to stay involved if people are too emotionally entrenched in their positions. You'll take flight now, more than having the stomach for a fight. Your perceptions, whether as empathy or intuitive insight, are likely very strong. Auditory and visual stimulation might also be more easily stoked and cultivated than usual. Sights and sounds might readily put you in altered states of consciousness, and facilitate deeper contemplative and mystical work, if desired.

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