Neptune Square Mars

Neptune Square Mars Natal

With Neptune square Mars, you crave a special mission that allows you to save the day or fulfill a lofty destiny. But when passion pairs with vague ambitions, it can lead you to champion fantasies and lost causes. You're at your best, though, when you have a clear avenue to roll up your sleeves for someone with a clear and demonstrable need. You won't think twice about any hazards to yourself. It's when things are not clear—but you so desperately want to be a noble and courageous crusader anyway—that you'll end up in trouble. You're likely to be disappointed that any danger and daring you braved was useless. Then you're inclined to seek revenge on the offending party—or worse, become vague about the recipient of your vengeance. Knowing who and what to defend is your highest calling. Otherwise, you can experience blind attacks even from within your own body, like autoimmune disorders.

Neptune Square Mars Transit

With Neptune square Mars, you'll likely feel very sincere about wanting to help others now. But you might encounter others who either question your sincerity or leave you questioning theirs. You might be deeply offended by this. Perhaps you strike out at others in passive-aggressive ways to get what you want. Or alternatively, to punish those who blast away at your carefully crafted image of yourself as a virtuous, courageous, and compassionate crusader. And this is likely where you'll miss a key lesson of this transit: The work you do can't be about you. That doesn't mean you don't take care of yourself—just the opposite.  It's easy to dismiss that you must adapt to how others conduct themselves, without losing your own sense of principles and boundaries. You hold to your mission as an act of service, and boundaries keep you focused. Otherwise, you can easily become drained and dissipate your energy in unsavory ways.

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