Neptune Square Ascendant

Neptune Square Ascendant Natal

Thanks to Neptune square Ascendant, it's difficult for you to know when and if you've "arrived" with your career aspirations. You're not entirely clear with yourself or others about your beginnings, much less your destinations. For example, there's perhaps a kind of haziness about your parents. Either you idealize them, or they were somehow absent or distant (physically or mentally) from you. Regardless, you never solidly came to experience your folks as people, but more as specters of influence in your life. So, it's hard for you to grasp yourself or your goals in tangible terms. In turn, you come off as vague to others. You perhaps often struggle with disappointment, because rarely do your achievements materialize in the glamorous way you initially envision them. Instead, you must learn to be more of the parental grounding that you likely didn't have. Learn to appreciate more where you are now, rather than dreaming that a different origin or achievement solely defines you. That happens moment by moment.

Neptune Square Ascendant Transit

When you have Neptune square Ascendant, you can put a lot of energy into being other than who you are or who you’ve been. Perhaps you romanticize your past, distant or recent, as more idyllic than it was. It's also possible that this becomes the moment when the bubble bursts from how you've seen your family, especially your parents. You might come to see them in a different light that's disappointing. Similarly, you may have believed that once you "arrived" at some key milestone in your career, many of your problems would magically be over. This will likely prove another unsatisfactory experience. It's not that you shouldn't envision the best about those you love, or aspire for significant career landmarks. But you must be sure that more of your psychic and emotional energy is in greeting people and situations as they are, not only appreciating them when ideal or perfect. People, projects, and plans don't need to be perfect to be honored. We need only exceed our previous best efforts at caring for them, and let the results be as they are.

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