Neptune Conjunct Saturn

Neptune Conjunct Saturn Natal

You have a way of understanding things from the inside out with Neptune conjunct Saturn. You're more in touch with the essence of what holds various forms—like music, images, productions, or insights—together. When you're younger, you might have trouble describing or articulating what you can envision or see in your mind. You may also have a "feel" for figuring out and fixing things, but not be able to detail how you know what you know. So, you must be a relentless and even fearless experimenter, building up a sort of vocabulary to define and create more of what you envision. Through this trial and error, you'll prune away dead-ends, false starts, and wildly idealistic notions. Yet, with patience, you're capable of creating great wonders. Others will be lured to you and your work, marveling at the finely calibrated coordination, detail, and intricacy you likely manifest. Only you will know how much hard work went into making your efforts look effortless.

Neptune Conjunct Saturn Transit

Like a flood storming into your life, the Neptune conjunct Saturn transit is likely to soften and shake up once-firm structures. One response is to let the powerful, imaginative, dreamy waters of Neptune take you away someplace (in your own mind, or from someone else’s) where you can be free of life's pressures and your own fears. You might dive deep into novels, video games, or the consuming world of streaming serials. But perhaps the best use of the transit is to shape your visions and goals into a worldly substance. Without guilt or sentimentality, you can now allow what's illusory or unrealistic to wash away. That's often the hard part. You can confuse pieces of your dreams for the whole thing, and then let fear and sadness shut you down. But if you stay firm with clarity and grit, you can harvest the best of your lofty aspirations.

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