Neptune Trine Mars

Neptune Trine Mars Natal

Like some warriors wield a weapon, you want to wield magic, thanks to your Neptune trine Mars natal aspect. Your brand of magic, though, isn't pure fantasy. You're attached to codes, principles, and ideals that compel you to set your aim high and passionately. Perhaps you dream of fighting the good fight with and for people. Although you can readily stand up for yourself, you're likely a wonder to behold when you must struggle and help others. You're also often inspired to work with others toward some lofty or humanitarian goal. But you must be sure that you're truly motivated to perform what you do without attachment or the expectation of glory or glamor. Otherwise, your benevolence is less about others and more about reaping rewards. The true power of this configuration is giving your all, without expecting all of it back. As long as you stay hooked into bountiful and even mysterious sources of charitable energy, you will likely never run dry of it.

Neptune Trine Mars Transit

To regain a sense of perspective on why you do what you do, you're realigning your sense of priorities and principles. But the Neptune trine Mars transit probably softens rather than hardens you. You're more than ready to fight for others, but you do it more as an act of solidarity and kindness than outrage. You're sensitive to the fragile unity and delicate balance between all things, and you're striving to do your bit to maintain that. Yet, there is the temptation to view yourself as doing more, like becoming a savior. That's possibly when you're overreaching, more attached to glory and gratification than doing what you do because it's right and virtuous. Life serves you, and you are also its servant. Keep attuned to the reciprocity of this, and you'll keep firm enough boundaries and clarity to keep your energy levels and progress elevated.

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