Neptune opposite Uranus

Neptune Opposite Uranus Natal

No one currently alive under the age of 100 has Neptune opposite Uranus natally.

Neptune Opposite Uranus Transit

It depends on when you were born to determine the age at which Neptune opposite Uranus will occur in your life. It could be as early as your late 40s, or your late 70s. Regardless, perhaps you're an older adult with a legacy of your own, either through your work, children, or both. You likely have a vested interest in preserving the integrity of what you see as your future, rather than maintaining the ideals of your past. Newer challenges and issues in your society might prompt you to revise how you express your more compassionate side on a cultural level. For instance, if you had been more socially liberal, you might become more conservative—or vice versa. But the key message is that you must give yourself permission to change, and grant others the same right. Otherwise, you can become ruthless and dogmatic in pursuing a certain cultural shift that you believe is based on what's "objectively

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