Neptune Trine Sun

Neptune Trine Sun Natal

You can easily bask and delight in what's good and inspirational about the world with Neptune trine sun. You'd rather enjoy the shine from others and avoid shadowy and dark issues. Yet, at your best, you can give as much shine to uplift those whom you recognize as beneficiaries from your compassion and inspiration. You don't do this out of some need for glory, but more because your heart is moved. Yet, there are other times when you might have trouble balancing a need for noble goals with a strong need for immediate gratification and appreciation. Then you believe you belong to some exclusive group of people (whether you formally join one or not) that's destined for a special purpose. You're more entranced by visions of glory than embracing the true spirit of genuine dedication. When you do embrace that spirit, then you know that the cosmic ideals and love that live within you are greater than any recognition or resistance you experience from the external world.

Neptune Trine Sun Transit

In a relaxed, yet confident way, a Neptune trine sun person can appreciate the brighter and lighter side of life. It's as if you look at life with more of a soft focus, without becoming too sentimental or overly lured by the glamorous beauty of everything or everyone. You can appreciate yourself and others as they are, with compassion for any faults and respect for all strengths. You're also braced with more inspiration toward your goals. There are limits to how much shine you can give off before you must face any shadows. You're not as emotionally prepared for those who are deep in a funk or with chronic problems. You're possibly too attached to the buzz of soaring high to give much long-term attention to those who would kill it. This makes it easier for you to bond with those who are equally motivated toward their dreams with affirmations and words of encouragement.

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