Neptune Trine Mercury

Neptune Trine Mercury Natal

Thanks to Neptune trine Mercury in your natal, you have an uncanny ability to transport your mind to distant places and states of consciousness, yet return with enough clarity to convey some measure of what you experienced and felt to others. Similarly, you can communicate with people in much the same way that they might address themselves in their own minds. You also have a natural harmony between your rational mind and your intuition that makes working with mystical arts a cinch and wholly pleasurable. These gifts allow you to reach people effectively through many media, especially the written word or poetry. But you also have a way of syncing up with people that likely puts them at ease. Yet, you must be selective with how easily and well you slip into connecting with others. They might feel like you're manipulative or parodying them. It's equally possible that you become so caught up in their mindset, you lose awareness of your own.

Neptune Trine Mercury Transit

Thanks to Neptune trine Mercury, you might feel as if your mind has tuned into another frequency from another realm. You're funneling thoughts and experiences that stir your spirit and mind. Yet, there's likely no contention or disruption to your senses or the rhythm of your life. In fact, creative and artistic endeavors, whether they're part of your regular makeup or not, are even more stimulating and rewarding than usual. Similarly, any studies into metaphysics or life's wondrous mysteries will intrigue you. There's a beautiful pairing between your heart and mind that allows you to use logic as a sturdy platform from which to leap into vaster questions and answers. You will also more easily find others who share many of your thoughts or might be entranced by what you have to say. The one hazard of this transit is that your mind may relish the multiple frequencies to which you can attune too much, leaving you often distracted.

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