Neptune opposite Mars

Neptune Opposite Mars Natal

Neptune opposite Mars makes you try to enshroud your actions and plans in mystery. Or in turn, you feel that it's your life mission to unveil more of the real workings of the world. You might not know how to live without some kind of intrigue. It's not that you don't have any reasons in your life for paranoia. But the problem with thinking that everyone is out to get you or to foil your plans is that it's not everyone. And in thinking that it is, you might disperse your energy in too many directions. This leaves you immensely vulnerable, despite your best efforts to protect and fortify yourself. Yet, if you were willing to trust others more, you'd discover those who share many of your same views and passions and want to collaborate with you. Instead of thinking everyone's your foe, you could make more friends and consolidate your energy to materialize your aspirations.

Neptune Opposite Mars Transit

Thanks to Neptune opposite Mars, your life might have the feel of a spy thriller now. At least, that's perhaps how you want it to feel. You perceive that there's a bit of mystery and intrigue behind anything and everything. That would likely be true, if your day job is as a spy. But chances are, you're not one. So, it's probable that you're granting more power and influence to people in your life than what should be due to them. You might end up attacking or friending untrustworthy people. Instead, it would be best to see that the biggest mysteries to unravel now will have more to do with you and your own skillset and mission. Ask yourself more of the harder questions about your own pursuits, rather than looking over your shoulder at what others might be doing to you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't fear anyone deceiving or misleading you. But if your energy is more concentrated and your own interests clear, then it's a lot harder to pull the wool over your eyes.

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