Neptune Conjunct Uranus

Neptune Conjunct Uranus Natal

The Neptune conjunct Uranus configuration only happened once in the last century, in the first half of the 1990s, and won't again until 2165. So it's a big deal, as this "generation" has a different vision and experience of the world from their ancestors or near descendants. For instance, you were born at a daring time where the whole world had a fresh, new way of envisioning itself and coming together in communication and commerce: the World Wide Web. You are the first generation to have fully grown up with it. You can gain information, products, and new connections with a click. You have a greater ability to see how things come together better with technology, and to see beyond classic divisions that others believe are immutable. For you, it’s hard to believe that much is unchangeable or inflexible. You see many things as existing along a spectrum. This likely puts you at odds with much of human history and your elders. Yet, with patience and consistency, you will demonstrate more the value of these perceptions.

Neptune Conjunct Uranus Transit

This is not an aspect that's likely to happen, since the planetary cycle for Neptune takes longer to reach this position in any person's lifetime. It would be more instructive to look at transiting Uranus conjunct Neptune.

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