Mars Square Midheaven

Mars Square Midheaven Natal

From your upbringing or difficult circumstances growing up, you came to believe that you have to look out continually for yourself as #1. This makes you a survivor, but not much of a collaborator or follower. Your high self-regard or concern probably makes you tense and anxious. Yet, you don't want to show any weakness, so you likely come off as pushy, edgy and angry. You perhaps continue to fight for your survival long after you've won the war. As you age, though, it'll be important for you to realize that there are other causes, greater than yourself, worth fighting for. As you learn more to work with others rather than only for yourself, you'll find that others are more willing to help you. You'll also learn that you won't automatically have to settle for being #2 if you work with others. Life doesn't have to be a winner-take-all situation and absent this pressure, life will seem much sweeter.

Mars Square Midheaven Transit

You're perhaps confident about who you are and what you can do to a fault. Yet, the fault isn't your certainty. It's that you might act as if you alone are the only one who is right. You come off with an air of entitlement that turns others off and at odds with you, especially at work. Maybe you think this sets you apart from "the herd." It does, but not in the way you think. You come out looking more like "the black sheep" than a standout. What will help you be truly remarkable is your valor under fire and ability to show initiative? Real executive ability doesn’t only come from knowing you have a mission and that you can carry it out. It also comes from knowing how to enlist others to serve and fulfill that mission since few do great things alone. That's when your energy and confidence inspire others to match you rather than compete with you.

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